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Mastery As The Means of Production

Content marketing generates leads by providing sought after information and promoting it through social media, keyword rich blog articles, and public relations initiatives. The process attracts people who are genuinely interested in your company and are ready to buy. It's the fastest way to generate a return on your marketing dollars. It starts with determining your audience and building a well designed website that takes both search engine optimization and your customer into consideration.

Creating Value and The Work Spectrum

I have repeatedly described higher-value work as work that creates value and solves problems. To help differentiate between lower-value work that completes tasks and higher value work, let's look at various measures.

The Premium of Labor

Let's start with three fundamental components of the economy: 1. The free market, 2. The state (government), 3. The community , that is, all the activity and assets that are not priced by the market or controlled by the state.

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Who Benefits From My Work?

Businesses and Individuals

Website Designers can convert any existing or new website design into a live site using Bootstrap HTML5 and CSS3 code.


Website Designers can create unlimited page styles and layouts to create totally custom site areas within the same website.


Website Designers can speed delivery of any website project using our built-in design themes.

Code Hobbyists

For a Website Designer, adding interactive features to your website is easy. As Website Designers we can snap together unique data-driven functionality. Professional help is available to build any type of feature or customize your website to meet your business’s specific requirements.

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Creating Value with Human and Social Capital

How value is created via social innovation

Are you getting paid for the value you create or for time spent at a cubicle?

How value is created on a small-scale over a period of time

Check out Neighborhood Bike Works

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Using technology to reduce costs and work efficiently and effectively

Investing in Ourselves

Investing in ourselves teaches participants to document their life changes and become leaders in promoting changes in others. We focus on community outreach to build skills and develop healthy social networks. Classes are family-focused and multi-generational.

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Web Design Classes

You get to work with a modern, professional quality instructor.

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Quality HTML5 & CSS3

You’ll learn how to handcraft a stunning website with valid, semantic and beautiful HTML5 and CSS3.

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Easy to Use CMS

Allow your clients to easily update their websites by converting your static websites to dynamic websites, using WordPress.

Watch My JavaScript and Bootstrap Skills

Your Instructor Daniel Cortes

A skilled professional in his craft, Luis Daniel Cortes is a passionate junior web designer, developer, blogger, self-published author and digital entrepreneur.

Hailing from the northeastern coast of the United States, Daniel believes in the concept of investing in ourselves with the necessary skills to become spearheads in our trade of choice in order to solve problems and create value in the world.

Daniels' determination and love for what he does has opened his world to some new and wonderful tools and technologies and people. He is developing his skills everyday in order to add to the value proposition of small and medium-sized businesses across the Americas.

Daniel builds custom websites and provides design solutions as he works to build his web development company. He believes in living life to the fullest and provides premium quality web designs for anyone who so desires.

What People Are Saying About Daniel


Daniel accomplishes everything he sets his mind to with perseverance. Just in the past month or so he has learned to make professional websites. Self-learning to mastery, working collaboratively with others like myself, self-discipline and taking ownership of his work are some of the qualities that he brings to any organization.

— Alejandra R., Owner of ConciergeNails.com

You will be an inspiration to so many. Good luck on your journey and thanks for helping mankind.

— John B., Owner of johnbradshaw.com

Thank you for your help these past couple of years. Every time I left you with the job the customers were happy and your work looked great. I’m looking forward to working with you again!

— Daniel P., small business owner

Daniel can work well as a leader and team member, showing an enthusiastic spirit, good humor and earnestness. Daniel is committed to his professional work and improving his skills. He has the tools needed to get his work done. He can be task-oriented and learns from others.

— Jorge A., healthcare professional

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